Restech Pharyngeal pH Study

The Restech Measurement System is a revolutionary system that comfortably measures pH in the throat. Gastric reflux to the throat, or laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), commonly occurs in the form of gas that cannot easily be measured using conventional technology. The small pH sensor at the tip of the Restech Probe catheter, which is inserted through the nostril, is the only sensor able to measure the degree of acidity in this area. By measuring such pH levels, the Restech System enables your doctor to determine the existence of laryngopharyngeal reflux and to correlate the reflux to various symptoms.

The Restech Measurement System sends measurements wirelessly to a miniature recording device, which is easily carried by a patient during the test period, providing a simple and effective way to monitor reflux. Upon completion of the testing period (usually 24 hours), the patient returns to the physician's office where the catheter is removed, the device is plugged into a computer and the measurements are downloaded for evaluation.

The Restech probe is 1.5mm in diameter and rests at a comfortable position in the back of the throat behind the soft palate and does not disrupt normal activity or eating. This allows patients to carry on normal, everyday behavior including eating, exercise, work, and sleeping with minimal disruption to their lives.